Working for yourself

I just read this article “The Ten Reasons why it sucks having your own business.”  It was funny and light hearted, but I had a few I could add.

Here are reason I hate working for myself/my family/our corporation-

1.  Alarm company phone calls, because a poster fell off the wall
2.  “Miss Lisa I had a fender bender but…”
3.  “There is water pouring out of the ceiling.”
4.  “The phone lines are out, again.”
5.  Credit card machines are the glitchiest things ever
6.  “We need new (take your pick), phones, fax machine, printer, computer, etc”
7.  I have no hours.  I will get calls from 7am to 9pm and no one understands why you won’t answer.  Then you get texts too.
8.  Decision making is often left to someone higher, when you are the highest power, that sucks.
9.  Someone is always asking me to decide something, even simple things.  So they won’t be held accountable.
10.  No one really understands what I do, yet stuff continues coming at them.  (Ads, new product, a website…)
11.  Certified letters
12.  Per LS
13.  Business breakfasts, lunches, and dinners.
14.  I like to procrastinate and I’m not good at setting my own deadlines
15.  Someone is always interrupting your lunch.
16.  There is a such thing as a stupid question.
17.  Voicemail
Reasons I love working for us-

1.  Random five days off because my best friend was in the hospital
2.  Same for death’s
3.  It is amazing how much laundry you can get done while writing ads, content, or doing pricing.
4.  Business phone calls in July may be taken in a bathing suit
5.  I always sleep on something awesome
6.  The playing harder part
7.  Knowing that even though I have to be tactful, ultimately what I ask has to be done
8.  Business lunches and dinners at places I would have never gone otherwise
9.  Tailored suits
10.  I’m not wearing shoes right now


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